19 September Tutorial at ECML

Working on the slides for our Tutorial at ECML 2016 (Riva del Garda)


G. Corani, A. Benavoli, J. Demsar.  Comparing competing algorithms: Bayesian versus frequentist hypothesis testing


Time Duration Content Details
09:00 15min Introduction Motivations and Goals
09:15 60min Null hypothesis significance tests in machine learning NHST testing (methods and drawbacks)
10:15 25min Introduction to Bayesian tests Bayesian model comparison versus Bayesian estimation
10:40 20min Break Is the coffee in Riva del Garda better than the coffee in Porto?
11:00 35min Bayesian hypothesis testing for comparing classifiers Single and hierarchical Bayesian models
11:35 55min Non-parametric Bayesian tests and presentation of the results of Bayesian analysis Dirichlet process and how to perform nonparametric Bayesian tests
12:30 10min Summarizing! Summary and conclusions

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